October is National Farm to School Month.  I encourage you to volunteer at your local school to help make the connection between local, organically grown foods and local schoolchildren.

If you are a chef or nutritionist, why not offer to cook or prepare food with a class.

If you are a farmer, please donate some produce to a class or the school. The children will love your fresh produce!

If you are a parent, perhaps you can purchase some food from the local farmers market and prepare it with your child's class. Send the recipe home. Make a school recipe book on-line!

Finally, if you are on the west coast, help some children plant their fall vegetable garden. If it's cold where you are, plant some seeds inside in a milk carton or a grow light garden. Herbs are a natural to grow inside.

                          Slow Food

National Farm to School Month

We organize and promote volunteer projects that individuals of all ages can participate in.  Our activities include a school supplies drive for School on Wheels, a toy drive, beautification projects at local schools and serving dinner to homeless clients of Turning Point Transitional Housing.

​Highlighted Organization



Make some kale smoothies or kale chips.


The mission of   Slow Food is to encourage people to eat good, clean, fair food. for all.

Check out their activities at slowfoodusa.org.

and their blog at https://www.slowfoodusa.org/slow-food-usa-blog