​ The People Concern, formerly OPCC, empowers people to rebuild their lives.. It works to house people and help them develop self-sufficiency. During COVID-19 their work is even more essential.

Check out what they do at https://www.thepeopleconcern.org.

See if there is a way you can help one of their many programs.



We organize and promote volunteer projects that individuals of all ages can participate in.  Our activities include a school supplies drive for School on Wheels, a toy drive, beautification projects at local schools and serving dinner to homeless clients of Turning Point Transitional Housing.

You Can Still Volunteer


         The People Concern  

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You can help others even while you stay at home. You can do the following alone or with friends over Zoom. You can get the supplies when you go to the grocery store, Target or CVS, or use Amazon or Instacart.

Collect toiletries and make toiletry kits for homeless clients of The People Concern.


Suggested items to include in a ziplock bag:



Chap stick

Hand Lotion
Hand Wipes
Tooth brush
Tooth paste
Bar of Soap
Hair Comb
Mouth Wash
Hand Sanitizer
Hair Shampoo
Hair Conditioner