Big Sunday has a multitude of year round 

volunteer opportunities.  This organization 

was the inspiration for our Volunteer Week 

many years ago.

Youth in Action, is a part of this organization that focuses

on projects that enable individual kids or 

groups to give back. Check it out!

Protect the Environment

This holiday season, think green...use reusable utensils, plates and glasses for your holiday get togethers, wrap presents in colorful reusable bags, give gifts of experiences and or edibles, not always things.  

Volunteer Opportunities 

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering helps make our world a better place-whether you're tutoring kids, helping in a hospital. clearing hiking trails or cleaning up the beach.

Let us know if you have a need or a volunteer opportunity that you'd like us to promote or co-sponsor.





Volunteer with Us

We organize and promote volunteer projects that individuals of all ages can participate in.  Our activities include a school supplies drive for School on Wheels, a toy drive, beautification projects at local schools and serving dinner to homeless clients of Turning Point Transitional Housing.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Palisades community donated five carloads of toys in December. Toys were donated to children helped by One Voice and School on Wheels. Thanks to  Benton's, CVS, Berkshire Hathaway, Regal Cleaners, Palisades-Malibu YMCA and the Pacific Palisades Chamber of Commerce.  Thanks also to Vittorio's for putting on a great luncheon (for the 5th year) for kids living in shelters who are tutored by School on Wheels.

Week of February 1 Drop off toiletries for OPCC in box in front of office of Marquez Charter School. Girl Scouts are collecting items until Feb. 5

On-going Volunteers wanted to help teach gardening at Marquez School and to help maintain the garden (water, weed, improve raised beds).

March 19 Serving Dinner at Turning Point Transitional Housing 5-6:15 pm

April  Earth Day Celebrations at the Pacific Palisades Branch library and the Pacific Palisades

Farmers' Market

If you're interested, fill out a form on Page 3 or email us at

​Big Sunday Year Round 

​​​​Toy Drive Update