Volunteer with Us

We organize and promote volunteer projects that individuals of all ages can participate in.  Our activities include a school supplies drive for School on Wheels, a toy drive, beautification projects at local schools and serving dinner to homeless clients of Turning Point Transitional Housing.

Volunteer Opportunities

​Highlighted Organization

Neighborhood Garden Corner

Do you have a surplus of vegetables, fruit or herbs? If you want, you can share with your neighbors, contact Food Forward or take to a shelter.

To share with your neighbors, contact Palisades Cares or post on Next Door.

To share with a shelter, contact OPCC or St. Joseph's Center.

​​​​​Celebrating Earth Day


OPCC, located in Santa Monica, has provided

services to low income and homeless individuals. victims of domestic violence, at-risk youth, and people with mental illness or substance abuse. for 50 years. It's website is www.opcc.net. It has recently joined with LAMP Community as The People Concern.

Palisades Cares volunteers have served dinner

at Turning Point, part of OPCC for over 15 years.

Contact us to volunteer in May.

Projects to do with kids (and adults):

- plant seeds in recycled containers such

as egg cartons, waxed milk cartons, toilet paper rolls or make pots out of newspaper;

-start composting using either a worm bin or a compost bin;

- reduce your use of plastic or disposable containers, e.g. plastic bags, plastic straws, take out containers, drink cups, plastic silverware, paper napkins and ziplock bags;

-mulch your garden beds to reduce need to water and weed;     

- plant a vegetable garden;

-plant native plants (that need basically no water after the first year);

-clean up the beach, a hiking trail or your neighborhood.

Email us with any other suggestions!



Volunteer Opportunities 

Pacific Palisades' CVS store manager with donated toys from last year's toy drive. 

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering helps make our world a better place-whether you're helping kids plant seedlings and cook with vegetables, tutoring kids, helping in a hospital. clearing hiking trails or cleaning up the beach.

Let us know if you have a need or a volunteer opportunity that you'd like us to promote or co-sponsor.



Gardening and Cooking. Our primary volunteer activity is coordinating the Marquez School Edible Garden program where we garden and cook with 2nd-5th graders. Supplemental produce, garden tools, bagged organic compost and soil, seeds and seedlings and materials for raised bed covers are needed. Also, people to weed!

Do you like to cook? How about helping a class make succotash...Contact Marie Steckmest at info@palisadescares.org to help.

Tutoring. Tutor children at Marquez Charter School-Tutors in the CATCH program tutor children weekly. Contact Marquez Charter School for details.  Tutor homeless children with School on Wheels.Visit www.schoolonwheels.org for details.


Participate in beach cleanups with Heal the Bay.